Advanced Class


American Genealogy + History Classes Hosted By: A4PURE


We have prepared these classes to provide guidance & instruction for our American Peoples that are interested in conducting proper lineage & Heritage research especially the collection as well as maintenance of these records.


Our intention is to contribute to the reestablishment, rejuvenation & restoration of our American Peoples Nations, Tribes, Communities bonds, legacy & relations.


We have prepared these classes into three sections in addition to providing you with practical information that will assist you with this service to yourself.


Within each section you will be provided access to forms, documents, website links & techniques used by experienced individuals who have conducted their own private research which will assist you with gaining your desired results.


1. Intermediate Class – What you will learn:


  • Based on the names, dates & locations language, place of birth, mother & father place of birth, land ownership, occupation, education.
  • The collection, gathering of data & information.
  • Create a directory/folder on your computer/device where you will organize the research materials that you will be downloading.
  • We recommend before paying for a genealogy research service that you utilize the free service options that are available.
  • Defining census records & the purpose.
  • Jurisdiction County, City, State & Federal.
  • Defining columns & data input fields.
  • Techniques for analysis & research.
  • Free Research Resources
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